Thank you very much for considering me for your design needs. I’d love to earn your business and help your business prosper. Before I jump directly into pricing, I would like to explain what makes a good logo good. Afterwards please fill out this questionnaire. It will help me determine a price for your project.


A logo is the visual identification for your business. Think Apple and Nike. I bet it didn’t take long for you to recall their logos. These are all huge businesses and they have huge marketing machines behind them. Maybe your company has the same marketing budget (lucky you) but if you don’t, there is no reason why your logo should not have the same visual impact as any of these ‘big guys’.



Keep your logo clean, simple and clear. Avoid fussiness and remember not every computer company needs to have a picture of a computer in their logo. The Amazon logo, with seemingly simple use of a symbol and type, denotes a speedy, excellent delivery from a to z.


Once again strong, simple imagery will achieve a distinctive logo. A memorable logo is the one that stands out from the crowd. In 124 years, Coca-cola has never changed from the original logo except for some minor alterations.


Avoid trends to achieve timelessness. Trends are great on the catwalk but will quickly date a logo. Avoid trendy typefaces, colours and imagery. If your business is in it for the long haul, ensure your logo will last. Your business needs to build trust and loyalty. It’s hard to do that if you constantly need to update your logo.


Does your logo look as good on a business card as it does on a billboard? To achieve this, I will craft your logo in a vector format. This will ensure that in enlarging or reducing your logo, there will be no loss of detail or impact. I will also craft a reversible version of your logo for printing on light or dark backgrounds.


A good logo design should be relevant to the business, the client and the target market. For example, if I design a logo for a children’s charity, it shouldn’t look like it was designed for a bank and that works the other way around also. So think of your business – and what you want to say about it. Think about your existing clients and think about your target market. What will appeal to them?

Now that we’ve established that, let’s move on to the questionnaire.

My Process


To give you an idea of what to expect from a logo project, below is an overview of the process. Since every project is unique, the approach may differ, but will always include the following components:


Once you commit to working with me and a 50% down payment is made via PayPal (I don’t accept checks or trade work), I’ll ask you a few more specific questions. The info you provide will help me better determine your needs and ensure we’re on the same page. Additional research may be required to learn about your industry, competitors, etc.


With this better understanding of your expectations, I can begin brainstorming and sketching out ideas onto paper. This is an important step, as well as the most time consuming. The aim here is to come up with as many quality designs as possible in the time frame your project allows.


Next comes the task of selecting the best of the rough ideas, and making them more presentable. This involves scanning sketches into the computer, converting ideas into digital format, choosing appropriate fonts, color schemes and so on.


Your logo(s) will be presented to you in mockup form (ex: displayed on a business card, tshirt, etc). This will give you a better sense of what the logo will look like in real life application or as part of a cohesive brand. Along with these previews will include my analysis on the logos.


Upon your feedback, any necessary changes to the presented logos will be addressed (i.e. color, type, graphics modification). In the rare instance you find none of the logos I present to you satisfactory, additional concepts can be purchased at my hourly rate of $50/hr.


Upon your approval of a logo, final payment will be expected (via PayPal). After payment clears, final design files will be sent via email or cloud storage websites like Google Drive. Assistance with printing can be arranged, as well as any stationery or branding design needs.

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Logo Design Questionnaire

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